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2014 User Summit Lightning Talks

To quote from the earlier summary of the 2014 User Summit:

There was a series of lightning talks where

  • Jeff Kaufman talked about the ngx_pagespeed module.
  • Andrew Fong shared Dropbox’ tips and tricks for monitoring NGINX.
  • John Watson discussed OS‑level tuning for massive concurrency.
  • Dmitry Galperin of Runa Capital talked about the growth of Wallarm from an NGINX module to an application security service built on NGINX.
  • Vanessa Ramos and Nicolas Grenié described how NGINX is at the core of 3Scale’s APITOOLs product.
  • Phil Pennock concluded the speed round with an overview of Apcera’s dynamic provisioning using NATS and NGINX.

Without further ado, here are the lightning talks you’ve been waiting for:

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