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Announcing NGINX Plus Certified Modules

Today we are pleased to announce the availability of NGINX Plus Certified Modules. With certified modules you can add advanced functionality developed by NGINX partners into NGINX Plus through the dynamic module capability introduced in NGINX Plus R11. All certified modules meet our strict requirements for compatibility with NGINX Plus, and are tested and certified so you can deploy them with confidence that they’ll work well in your environment.

Dynamic modules are an exciting enhancement for NGINX Plus users who want to get more out of their NGINX Plus deployments and for partners who want to deliver new functionality on the NGINX Plus application delivery platform. Modules reduce TCO by utilizing existing infrastructure rather than adding additional layers and proxies. Performance is also improved since a module uses a more efficient architecture and is deployed closer to the application.

We envision a wide array of certified modules being available and we’re happy to announce that the following partner modules have already achieved the NGINX Plus Certified Module designation.

  • DeviceAtlas – The DeviceAtlas module for NGINX Plus detects what devices users are using, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and wearable devices, and use this data to deliver customized experiences.
  • ForgeRock Policy Agent – The ForgeRock Policy Agent for NGINX in conjunction with ForgeRock Access Management allows you to authenticate application and API access. ForgeRock manages digital identities on cloud, mobile, and IoT services.
  • Phusion Passenger – Passenger is an application server with support for Meteor, Node.js, Python, and Ruby apps. It takes just seconds to install and shaves hours off your operations overhead every week.
  • Ping Identity PingAccess – The PingAccess module enables centralized management of access security with advanced contextual policies to secure your mobile and web properties in any domain, for users in any location.
  • Stealth Security – The Stealth Security module for NGINX Plus provides real‑time protection from automated attacks for enterprise websites, mobile apps, and APIs.
  • Wallarm – The Wallarm web application firewall (WAF) provides enterprise‑grade protection against advanced Layer 7 application attacks.

Check out all of the available NGINX Plus Certified Modules – access Dynamic Modules and in the Filter by Author field select Certified Partner. (That page also lists NGINX Plus dynamic modules, authored by NGINX, Inc. or community members, that are supported by the NGINX support team.)

Partners who develop NGINX Plus Certified Modules have worked with NGINX, Inc. to design and build their modules against a rigorous set of architectural standards. All NGINX Plus Certified Modules have passed a series of regression tests to ensure they work correctly with NGINX Plus, load as expected, and don’t conflict with any core NGINX Plus functionality.

All NGINX Plus Certified Modules have support available from the partner so you can confidently run them in production environments with the assurance that support is available if required. Additionally, NGINX Plus Certified Modules are released in cadence with each release of NGINX Plus, so that they can be deployed with the newest features and updates without delay.

If you’re a developer looking to create a module and have it certified, there are many benefits to joining the NGINX Plus Certified Module Program, including early access to new software versions, visibility into upcoming NGINX Plus releases, and access to NGINX Plus technical resources.

Get started with NGINX Plus Certified Modules today. If you’re not already running NGINX Plus, start your free 30-day trial or contact us to discuss your use cases.

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