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nginx.conf 2016 is only two months away! The early bird rate is still available until Friday, July 22, so sign up today.

On Wednesday, September 7 and Thursday, September 8, you’ll enjoy conference sessions and exhibitor booths. The NGINX booth will be staffed by key NGINXers, including developers from our Moscow office!

On Friday, September 9, we’ll offer training in two tracks:

  • Track 1 – Fundamental installation and configuration of NGINX and NGINX Plus in the morning, followed by advanced topics in the afternoon
  • Track 2 – Introducing the NGINX Microservices Reference Architecture

In this post, we’ll introduce you to the NGINX speakers giving talks at nginx.conf this year. Speakers from partner companies, customers, and friends of NGINX will be featured in an upcoming post.

Here are NGINX speaker highlights (subject to updates, of course):

  • Day 1: Wednesday, September 7 – Keynotes from CEO Gus Robertson and Head of Products Owen Garrett, focusing on recent, new, and upcoming features for NGINX and NGINX Plus. Also hear members of the NGINX technical team: Konstantin Pavlov on TCP/UDP load balancing, Valentin Bartenev with new information on HTTP/2, and Maxim Dounin discussing dynamic modules. NGINX Co‑Founder Andrew Alexeev will provide an in‑depth presentation on NGINX Amplify, which is now in public beta.
  • Day 2: Thursday, September 8 – Pre‑Sales Manager Rick Nelson discusses load balancing in a Docker Swarm cluster; A/B testing will be explored with Head of Frontend Development Ivan Poluyanov; and pre‑sales engineers Damian Curry and Kunal Pariani will discuss the use of Chef for autoscaling and integration with service discovery in a Docker‑based environment, respectively.
  • Day 3: Friday, September 9 – NGINX trainer extraordinaire James Tacker will lead NGINX Fundamentals training in the morning and NGINX Advanced in the afternoon. In the other track, NGINX Chief Architect Chris Stetson will offer training in the NGINX Microservices Reference Architecture. In hands‑on labs, attendees will learn how to create an NGINX proxy to a microservices application and load balance traffic using the Fabric and Router Mesh models.

The next post in this series will talk about sessions being offered by NGINX partners, customers, and industry experts at nginx.conf 2016. Use your early bird discount now!

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