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How Many Websites Run NGINX? February 2014

Based on figures from the February 2014 Netcraft survey, almost 140 million of the websites they surveyed run NGINX – sites like Box and Dropbox, Instragram, Netflix, Pinterest, Tumblr, and WordPress. That’s an increase of over 10% in one month.

Netcraft report on web server market share, February 2014

W3Techs surveys the top million websites, based on Alexa traffic rank. They’ve found that 19% of them run NGINX. But as you drill down on the busiest sites (Alexa’s top 10,000 or even top 1,000) – the sites that invest really heavily to make sure they get their infrastructure right – the percentage grows to 38%, greater than any other web server. NGINX is fast becoming the platform of choice for the most demanding sites on the Internet:

W3Techs ranking of web server usage, February 2014

And, NGINX’s adoption rate is so fast that in the time you took to read this, another 4 of the top million websites moved to NGINX.

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