Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

NGINX is a sponsoring the Velocity conference in New York City, October 12. Come meet us and learn from web performance and DevOps experts how to optimize your websites and build resilient systems at scale.

NGINX is all about flawless application delivery, so we’re really looking forward to being part of this event.

Velocity NY

Drop by Booth #1 and meet the NGINX team to:

  • Learn why millions of innovators are choosing NGINX  to deliver websites and apps
  • Chat with our tech experts about how you can improve web and app performance with NGINX
  • Find out how you can score your very own limited edition NGINX t-shirt.

Still need your ticket to Velocity? Register now with code NGINX25 to get 25% off ticket prices.

See you at Velocity!

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Shirley Bailes

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