Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus
NGINX continues to consolidate its position as the leading web platform, used by over 40% of the busiest sites in the world.

The Netcraft Survey, August 2014

The results of Netcraft’s August 2014 survey are in. The NGINX web server’s share of the million busiest websites in the survey is nearly 20% (195,974 sites) and is steadily growing, up almost 2% in the last 2 months:

Netcraft published a new market share of computers metric for the first time in the August report:

This promises to be an interesting month‑to‑month measure of new deployments of web server software. Netcraft has monitored this data privately for some time, and reports:

NGINX’s share of web‑facing computers is now nearly 10%, almost double its share in August 2012.

The W3Techs Survey, August 2014

W3Techs uses website traffic rankings from Alexa and applies additional filters to drill down and produce a different cohort of busiest sites. NGINX’s share is continuing to grow in each of the categories that W3Techs tracks:

w3techs-June-2014 w3techs-August-2014
June 2014 August 2014

Now, over 40% of the world’s top 10,000 websites by traffic rank depend on NGINX to deliver content and applications to their users. Recent adopters include (ranked 24) and (ranked 60) – we welcome them to the NGINX community!

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