New Training Course: Replacing Your Hardware Load Balancer with NGINX Plus

With thousands of students already trained, NGINX training courses are an ever more popular way to learn how to configure and run both the open source NGINX software and NGINX Plus. Now we are offering a new course, Replacing Your Hardware Load Balancer with NGINX Plus. In this course, we show you:

  • Why a move to NGINX Plus is justified in terms of cost savings of up to 80% and increased, DevOps‑style flexibility
  • How to use NGINX Plus to replace the functionality that was previously available only in hardware load balancers
  • How to use NGINX Plus’ load‑balancing capabilities and additional features such as URL rewriting, caching, high availability, security, health checks, and monitoring
  • How to use, and choose among, load balancing algorithms such as Round Robin, Least Connections, Least Time, and Hash
  • How to extend load balancing to support SSL/TLS, TCP, and UDP
The NGINX training course on replacing your hardware load balancer makes software load balancing as simple as coffee vs. tea
Load balancing, made as simple as coffee vs. tea

After completing the course, you’ll be ready to replace hardware load balancers – both devices you’ve already installed and “hardware ADC“‑sized gaps in a planned deployment – with inexpensive, flexible NGINX Plus installed on affordable commodity hardware.

The course is eight hours long and is offered online. Onsite and online private deliveries are also available. It’s intended for system administrators who have experience managing web servers and running Unix. No prior knowledge or experience with NGINX or NGINX Plus is required.

Sign up for Replacing Your Hardware Load Balancer with NGINX Plus, offered this coming January, February, and March, or another NGINX training course today!

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