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Announcing NGINX Plus R16

NGINX Plus R16 is a single, elastic ingress and egress tier for applications, consolidating the functionality of a load balancer, API gateway, and WAF with new features like cluster‑aware rate limiting, key‑value store, Random with Two Choices, enhanced UDP load balancing, and more.

Why Atlantic.Net Chose NGINX

Web hosting company Atlantic.Net uses NGINX internally and features NGINX prominently in customer offerings. In this post Derek Wiedenhoeft, DevOps Operations Engineer at Atlantic.Net, explains the advantages of a LEMP stack over a LAMP stack and describes a few ways to get the most out of NGINX.

Service Mesh Gets an Enterprising Ebook

You can download a free copy of the complete ebook, The Enterprise Path to Service Mesh Architectures, immediately. This ebook explains service mesh architectures from an enterprise point of view and tells you how to adopt a service mesh architecture in your own microservices applications.


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