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NGINX 1.6 and 1.7 Released

NGINX 1.6 and 1.7 are the current 'stable' and 'mainline' versions of NGINX. This article explains the NGINX versioning and release standards.

What Do You Think of NGINX?

What do you think of NGINX? Tell us what you value about our software and how to continue improving what we offer you. NGINX appreciates your input

Reverse Proxy Using NGINX Plus

Refresh your knowledge of what a reverse proxy is, and learn how to deploy NGINX Plus as an HTTP reverse proxy, and the benefits of doing it

NGINX and the Heartbleed Vulnerability

Read this important information about what should be checked in regards to NGINX and OpenSSL installation with the Heartbleed vulnerability in the wild

How Many Websites Use NGINX? April 2014

Over 146 million of the websites surveyed by Netcraft were using NGINX, an increase of 3 million since their reported results last month

Announcing NGINX Plus Release 3

Learn about the great features in NGINX Plus Release 3, including improved reliability for enterprise applications, support for SPDY and WebSocket, and more

Replacing Cisco ACE with NGINX Plus

Learn how replacing a hardware appliance like Cisco ACE with NGINX Plus for load balancing can future-proof your environment