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Secure Cloud-Native Apps Without Losing Speed

Organizations are rapidly adopting cloud‑native app delivery – 27% of organizations plan to deploy more than half of their apps in the cloud by the end of this year and by 2022, 35% of all production apps will be cloud native, according to the API management survey that NGINX commissioned from IDC for 2019. The drive to cloud migration and cloud‑native app development unlocks IT agility and exceptional digital experiences for customers. And yet cloud‑native app delivery comes with challenges of security, visibility, and control. Why do these challenges persist? We’re seeing several drivers.

Risks of Cloud-Native App Delivery

Here are some of the pain points we observe in cloud‑native app delivery:

How NGINX Can Help

We’ve painted a rather gloomy picture of cloud‑native app delivery, but at NGINX we see a bright future. From self‑service provisioning to turnkey environments, our offerings help you migrate your apps, integrate your environments, and automate your toil. With the NGINX Application Platform, you can:

We Reduce Tool Sprawl and Provide a Standard Set of Services

To simplify your stack and implement standard, enterprise‑grade services across a hybrid‑ or multi‑cloud environment, you need a cloud‑agnostic solution that provides the same services across all your environments. The NGINX Application Platform does just that.

We Reduce Complexity and Cost Without a Performance Penalty

To accurately forecast spend and save money in the cloud, it’s not enough just to simplify your stack with a cloud‑agnostic solution. You also need solutions that don’t hog CPU or slow down your apps. It’s tricky to find all-in-one solutions that meet these criteria, but NGINX does.

We Make Security Easy and Bring Teams Together

SecOps can turn from villain to hero in the eyes of DevOps by making security easy and pain‑free. The final step, after simplifying your stack and selecting cost‑effective solutions, is to enable automation of security. With CI/CD‑friendly tools and self‑service app management, NGINX helps you bridge the divide between SecOps and DevOps.

Cloud Marketplace Options

Today you can bring your own NGINX licenses (BYOL) to the cloud of your choice, or purchase NGINX Plus (with or without NGINX App Protect) directly from the AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform marketplaces. In 2021, we plan to offer NGINX Plus, optionally with NGINX App Protect, in additional cloud marketplaces and release NGINX Ingress Controller with NGINX App Protect on several container marketplaces.

Ready to Try NGINX in the Cloud?

Start 30‑day trials of NGINX Plus with NGINX App Protect and NGINX Controller, check out the documentation (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform), and enroll in the instructor‑led class Intro to NGINX App Protect.

Contact us to learn how we can help with your cloud strategy and see if a private offer is right for your organization.

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