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NGINX Plus Serves Breaking News for InkaBinka

InkaBinka is revolutionizing the way news is delivered and consumed on the Internet, by distilling full‑length news articles into four essential bullet points that readers can absorb in 20 seconds or less, accompanied by animated imagery. InkaBinka's news aggregator engine is growing rapidly and needs a web infrastructure that can hyperscale while delivering an outstanding customer…

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Announcing NGINX Plus Release 5

We're really pleased to announce the availability of NGINX Plus Release 5 (R5). This release brings together the features recently released in the open source NGINX distribution and a number of features available in NGINX Plus only. The major new feature is load balancing for general TCP‑based protocols, such as database, RPC, and chat protocols. The related TCP…

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Using NGINX and NGINX Plus with Node.js and Socket.IO, the WebSocket API

In this post we'll talk about using NGINX and NGINX Plus with Node.js and Socket.IO. Our post about building real‑time web applications with WebSocket and NGINX has been quite popular, so in this post we'll continue with documentation and best practices using Socket.IO. Why Use NGINX with Node.js and Socket.IO? Socket.IO is a WebSocket API that's…

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