Doing DevOps

Explore how DevOps conjoins development and operations teams in support of a common goal: releasing more applications, more frequently, and more reliably.

5 Tips for Faster AWS Performance

Learn 5 tips for faster AWS performance, such as load balancing with NGINX Plus & AWS ELB, content caching, application performance monitoring, & more.

DevOps Automation with NGINX and NGINX Plus

Learn how to automate application deployment with NGINX and DevOps tools – for app updates, service discovery, orchestration, and push‑button deployments

DevOps and Immutable Delivery

In his keynote address from nginx.conf 2015, John Willis of Docker outlines DevOps methodology for achieving immutable infrastructure and app delivery.

NGINX and NGINX Plus Everywhere

Explore the benefits of replacing hardware load balancers with NGINX Plus everywhere in your infrastructure – for load balancing, caching, and web serving

StackState Monitoring for NGINX

StackState webserver monitoring helps you see the full picture of your NGINX webserver topology, including critical dependencies.