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The Future of Open Source at NGINX

This blog post is one of six keynotes by NGINX team members from nginx.conf 2017. Together, these blog posts introduce the NGINX Application Platform, new products, and product and strategy updates. The blog posts are: Keynote: "Speeding Innovation", Gus Robertson (video here) NGINX Product Roadmap, Owen Garrett (video here) Introducing NGINX Controller, Chris Stetson and…

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NGINX and NGINX Plus Ingress Controllers for Kubernetes Load Balancing

Running and managing microservices applications in containers at scale across a cluster of machines is a challenging task. Kubernetes helps you meet the challenge by giving you a powerful solution for container orchestration. It includes several important features, such as fault tolerance, autoscaling, rolling updates, storage, service discovery, and load balancing. In this blog post…

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OpenShift Ecosystem: Implementing the NGINX Proxy Model on Red Hat OpenShift

We here at NGINX, Inc. are part of the launch of OpenShift Primed, a technology program announced today with the launch of the OpenShift Container Platform. The first result of this collaboration will be making the enterprise-ready features of NGINX Plus available with the Kubernetes Ingress controller and OpenShift Origin. We are also continuing to develop the NGINX Microservices…

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Deploying NGINX Plus & Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform, Part 2

This post is adapted from a webinar by Floyd Smith of NGINX, Inc. and Sandeep Dinesh and Sara Robinson of Google. It is the second of two parts and focuses on NGINX Plus as a load balancer for multiple services on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The first part focuses on deploying NGINX Plus on GCP. You can view the complete webinar…

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Load Balancing Kubernetes Services with NGINX Plus

Kubernetes is an open source system developed by Google for running and managing containerized microservices‑based applications in a cluster. People who use Kubernetes often need to make the services they create in Kubernetes accessible from outside their Kubernetes cluster. Although Kubernetes provides built‑in solutions for exposing services, described in Exposing Kubernetes Services with Built‑in Solutions…

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