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Securing the Perimeter: Achieving Zero Trust with NGINX Plus and SSO/Rest

The move to cloud computing means that more of our data, our operations, and our business are being repositioned to face the public Internet; sensitive assets are no longer necessarily tucked away in the corporate data center, accessible only to on‑site personnel. The new risks resulting from this paradigm shift are increasingly rendering existing access…

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51Degrees NGINX Plus Certified Module Combines Patented Device Detection with the Simplicity of NGINX

51Degrees often receives queries from new clients who are using NGINX Plus load balancing and need to implement a quality device‑intelligence solution for high fidelity analytics, increased conversion rates, and quality user experiences. The 51Degrees NGINX Plus Certified Module provides the starting point for that complete service, combining the fastest patented device detection with the simplicity of…

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Stealth Security’s NGINX Plus Certified Module Protects Your Applications

NGINX Plus Certified Module Extends Stealth Security Protection from Credential Exploits to More Than a Third of the Internet At Stealth Security, it is our mission to enable enterprises to proactively protect their web application interfaces, including their web, mobile, and enterprise APIs, from credential exploits like account takeovers. According to the PYMNTS blog, “Account takeovers…

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Announcing NGINX Plus Certified Modules

Today we are pleased to announce the availability of NGINX Plus Certified Modules. With certified modules you can add advanced functionality developed by NGINX partners into NGINX Plus through the dynamic module capability introduced in NGINX Plus R11. All certified modules meet our strict requirements for compatibility with NGINX Plus, and are tested and certified so you can deploy them…

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