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NGINX Supports Annual Future of Open Source Survey

It wasn’t long ago that open source software was the poor cousin of proprietary tools. It was the software you picked if you couldn’t afford “real software” and were willing to make do with fewer features and spotty support.

Not anymore.

Instead of asking “why open source?”, CIOs now first ask “where else can we use open source?” Open source software has emerged as the leader in many categories and the driving force of technology innovation, from cloud and big data to social media and mobile. NGINX believes that the broad adoption and contribution to open source represents the greatest opportunity for continued innovation and economic growth in our digital-centric society.

This is why we are proud to be platinum supporters of this year’s Future of Open Source Survey, sponsored by Black Duck and North Bridge Venture Partners. This annual assessment of open source industry trends drives broad discussion around key issues for developers, technology purchasers, and the open source community at large.

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