Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Why Every Company Needs Platform Ops

Not just another variant in the ever-growing set of "X-Ops" practices, Platform Ops is a way to balance developer freedom and corporate compliance for technology teams across the enterprise, helping you achieve digital transformation with the right blend of shifted left and buttoned down.

Shifting Security Tools Left for Safer Apps

Strategies for shifting security left usually ignore WAF and other traditional tools for enforcing run‑time security policies. A complete modern solution needs to include WAF, but one that fits into your CI/CD pipelines and helps smooth friction between Security and DevOps.

How to Improve Visibility in Kubernetes

There are two types of visibility data that provide crucial insights into application and Kubernetes performance. Learn how the monitoring tools built into NGINX Ingress Controller and NGINX Service Mesh help improve visibility as you diagnose real-world problems.