Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Why Speed Matters in Modern APIs

Guest blogger Jason Benedicic describes several use cases from his daily life where real-time API performance is key to a satisfactory interaction with the app: his favorite dinner-delivery service, his home office with automated controls for lighting and connectivity, and his online-only bank.

Can Application Security Be Pain Free?

Application security is hard, but there are some best practices to help you achieve it: automate as much as possible, build security as a guardrail instead of a gate, select solutions that provide easily understood insights, and make security adaptable, scalable, and reliable.

The Essence of Sprint is Speed

We explore three factors that hamper the speed of software development and delivery: dev teams are battling fatigue, tools aren't automated, and infrastructure is too complex. Find out how NGINX Open Source, NGINX Plus, NGINX App Protect, and NGINX Controller can help.