Filesystem Isolation in NGINX Unit

We explore two use cases for filesystem isolation in NGINX Unit. First, we stop attackers from accessing sensitive information, by restricting a compromised app to its sandbox directory. Second, we toggle between sets of global dependencies by defining them in separate filesystems.

Securing Your Apps in Kubernetes with NGINX App Protect

With NGINX Plus Ingress Controller for Kubernetes release 1.8.0, NGINX App Protect can be embedded in the Ingress Controller. This puts WAF protection closer to applications, which is crucial in modern app environments like Kubernetes. It also enables automation and reduces complexity and cost.

Agile Perimeter Security with NGINX App Protect

Establishing a security perimeter around your intranet is no longer enough to protect your apps. We show how to configure NGINX App Protect to establish the perimeter around individual apps as required by today's distributed applications and Zero Trust security mode