Agile Perimeter Security with NGINX App Protect

Establishing a security perimeter around your intranet is no longer enough to protect your apps. We show how to configure NGINX App Protect to establish the perimeter around individual apps as required by today's distributed applications and Zero Trust security mode

Announcing NGINX Plus R22

NGINX Plus R22 introduces new features including support for OCSP to verify certificate revocation for mutual TLS, use of multiple OIDC IdPs in a configuration, real-time tracking of request and connection limiting on the NGINX Plus dashboard, and NGINX JavaScript enhancements.

Introducing NGINX 1.18 and 1.19

We announce the latest branches of NGINX Open Source, the stable 1.18 branch and the mainline 1.19 branch. New to the stable branch are dry-run mode for request rate and connection limiting; protection against timing attacks; more support for variable parameters, and more.