Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Atlanta Lunch and Learn

May 2, 2018

Monday Night Garage
933 Lee St SW
Atlanta, GA 30310

We’d like to invite you to a special presentation on Kubernetes and the NGINX Plus Ingress Controller.

Running and managing microservices applications in Docker containers at scale across a cluster of machines is a challenging task. Kubernetes helps customers meet the challenge by giving them a powerful solution for container orchestration. It includes several important features, such as fault tolerance, scaling and auto scaling, rolling updates, persistent storage, service discovery, and load balancing.

Customers who run their web applications on Kubernetes must use front-end (edge or external) load balancing to successfully deliver those applications to users. Kubernetes includes built-in external load balancing that can be extended in the form of Ingress controller.

In this talk we will:

Discover why using the NGINX Ingress controller helps Developers or DevOps engineers deliver their web application on Kubernetes with ease.
Showcase how Kubernetes and NGINX both provide an easy to configure a native load balancing and reverse proxy solution.
Demo how easy the deployment is to complete and how robust it performs when scaling services.
Lastly we will look at how the NGINX ingress can provide real-time metrics and statistics for better insights and visibility into web application and the load balancer performance.
We invite you to come and join us for a great presentation, delicious food, and a chance to connect with the NGINX experts.

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