Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus
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Visit us at DockerCon from June 19th to 21st in Seattle to learn how Docker and NGINX work together, enabling you to easily scale and deploy your containerized applications. | NGINX Events

NGINX Summit + Training – New York

Come and spend the day with us in NY! We are combining NGINX official training along with talks on best practices and case studies and much more.

QCon New York

QCon New York | Join NGINX in New York and learn why some of the most innovative developers choose NGINX and NGINX Plus to deliver their websites and applications.

NGINX Summit + Training – London

NGINX is bringing NGINX Summit + Training to London! Spend the day with us and learn how NGINX can help improve application performance.


OSCON + NGINX | NGINX enables companies to match the increasing demand for faster web experiences at scale. NGINX Plus adds enterprise-ready features to give you freedom to innovate without being constrained by infrastructure.


The Interop conference is uniquely designed to explore the fast-changing infrastructure landscape and present practical insight into how to leverage the modern network, systems, and applications that enable business innovation.

OpenStack Summit

NGINX OpenStack Summit | Whether you’re migrating your websites and apps to the cloud or currently adopting cloud architecture, NGINX Plus can provide the control you need to manage and scale your websites and apps.

NGINX Meetup @ Google

Interested in learning about load balancing Kubernetes services with NGINX Plus on Google Container Engine? Join us on April 12 in San Francisco.

NGINX Speaking at Mesosphere Meetup

Join NGINX at the Mesosphere Meetup on Thursday, April 7. Chris Stetson and Ben Horowitz will be presenting on microservices.

NGINX Meetup at MuleSoft

Microservices has been getting a lot of buzz lately so we are bringing you a night focused on Microservices. Join us on Thursday, March 31st at MuleSoft.

Microservices March 2022: Kubernetes Networking


Microservices March 2022: Kubernetes Networking

Great ready for Microservices March 2022! This year we focus on Kubernetes networking, a key component of production-grade Kubernetes that is often not well understood. Preview what you'll...

NGINX Sprint 2.0: Clear Vision, Fresh Code, New Commitments to Open Source


NGINX Sprint 2.0: Clear Vision, Fresh Code, New Commitments to Open Source

Today at NGINX Sprint 2.0, we're announcing how we'll support our vision for the future of moderns app with a bigger presence in the open source community, including participation in the...

Join NGINX at F5 Agility 2022 February 15–16


Join NGINX at F5 Agility 2022 February 15–16

Our annual F5 customer event, Agility 2022, kicks off February 15 and 16, and features more than a dozen sessions about NGINX. Use this preview of all the exciting live discussion forums...



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