Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

The Big Cloud Debate: Melbourne

May 15, 2018

700 Bourke Street
Docklands, VIC 3008

The Big Cloud Debate: Public vs Private

Debate Moderators:

Steve Day, EGM Infrastructure, Cloud and Workplace, NAB
Bar Gal-On, General Manager- Global Products: Managed Cloud, Telstra
Andrew Brydon, VP of Consulting, Contino
Public Cloud Debate Team:

Rakesh Garala, Principal Contino, (AWS Compliance & Strategy SME)
Corey Adolphus, Google Cloud SME, Google
Anthony Leverington, Country Manager, NGINX
Phoebe Goh, Cloud Architect, NetApp (Public Cloud Advocate)
Private Cloud Debate Team:

Matthew Zwolenski, Vice President, Asia Pacific and Japan, Dell EMC
David Lloyd, Solutions Architect, VMware
Dirk De Vos, Technical Manager, Pure Storage
Denis Maguire, Regional Manager, Cisco

8 Rounds
Each Round: 30 second huddle, followed by 2min for each team, followed by 2min back and forth
End of Each Round an Audience Vote
Some Audience Questions accepted throughout the debate.
At the end of the night the team that wins the most rounds wins the debate