Translating Docs

This document uses translation into Russian as an example. For other languages, replace ru with the appropriate language code.

Setting Up the Translation Environment

In addition to the standard python-sphinx tool, you need the sphinx-intl tool to help build the files required for translations. Run this command to install it:

$ sudo pip install sphinx-intl

The translatable messages are then extracted using gettext:

$ make gettext

These should be used to update the locale files:

$ sphinx-intl update -p build/locale -c source/ -l ru

Translation Files

Once you have updated them as above, you can find the translation source files in source/locale/ru/LC_MESSAGES. In each file with a .po extension are entries called msgid and msgstr. msgid contains the English and msgstr is where to put the translation. If more context is needed, each entry will state the source file and line it came from.

The .po files should be added to GitHub when committing so the translations are stored with the source.

Testing Translations

Translated versions of the Wiki are built using:

$ sphinx-intl build -c source/
$ make -e SPHINXOPTS="-D language='ru'" html

The translated output is written to build/html.