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Why attend?

NGINX Conf is the official event for NGINX technologies, best practices, and community engagement. Whether you're modernizing monolithic apps or starting your modern app architecture, come and learn how we help at each step along your journey to microservices. Plus, we’ll have two full days of training, choose one or both!

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Join us in Atlanta on October 9-10 (conference) for 2 full days

  • Keynotes from NGINX leaders, industry experts, and community luminaries
  • Breakout sessions offering NGINX best practices and technical insight
  • Opportunities to learn from and network with the NGINX community
  • Case studies from a cross-section of NGINX users and customers
  • A showcase with joint solutions from NGINX alliance partners
  • An optional day of on-site technical training
  • Fun activities, food, and drinks with fellow attendees
  • Plus our special NGINX training days are October 8 and 11

Who Should Attend NGINX Conf 2018

NGINX Conf is ideal for individual contributors and leaders of application development, IT operations, DevOps, and technical architecture. To ensure you get the most of the event, we offer multiple tracks to ensure relevant content and networking opportunities:

Track 1

NGINX Builders


Hands-on insights for developers, IT ops, and DevOps. Best practices on designing, deploying, and optimizing application architectures using NGINX. Technical experts, community members, and partners will present demos, show how to implement reference architectures, and lead interactive technical discussions.

Track 2

NGINX Designers


Strategy and trends for architects and IT leaders. Sessions on industry trends, product strategy, and case studies showing how NGINX fits in digital transformation initiatives. NGINX product leaders, customers, and partners will describe how to improve and build on reference architectures, make the business case for NGINX, and share tips on how to get the most from your digital investments.

Track 3

Super Technical

Deep dive

Deep dive technical talks for engineers. Get down in the weeds and get a deeper understanding of how the software systems we use and build work. Learn from fellow engineers as we analyze NGINX internals, distributed systems, and modern application development.


NGINX has keynotes from industry luminaries and NGINX experts. Be among the first to learn about new product releases, roadmap elements, and company announcements.


Technical NGINX users will also find a full day of onsite training, with the same invaluable sessions bookended the day before, and the day after the official conference so you don’t have to miss any key discussions.