Providing Service Agility with NGINX Plus

September 10, 2019 3:25 pm — September 10, 2019 4:00 pm 

Resiliency and stability are two of the key watchwords for enterprise applications. However, providing both at the same time can be more complex than it seems, especially with the growth of microservices that can be deployed across your enterprise.

In this session, Lu explains how his team at Comcast implemented a solution called Service agility. He walks through the design and implementation, including how they leveraged NGINX Plus’s features. He also explains how this solution allowed them more flexibility in deployment while reducing impacts due to outages.

Topics include:

  • Service agility requires more than just installing NGINX; it is a design decision
  • Time‑based routing coupled with retries provides a cushion against instability in dependencies
  • By using Service Agility you do not need to deploy all of your services in the same place, but rather where they perform best
  • By using NGINX as a UI proxy with caching, you avoid needing tightly coupled vertical application design