Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Speed & Security for Cloud-Native Apps

Explore NGINX Solutions for AWS

  • App Delivery
  • Kubernetes
  • Security
  • Automation
  • Self-Service

Deliver Apps and APIs 90% Faster

Looking for consistent, high-performance app delivery and web services?

NGINX Plus can operate standalone or integrate with AWS services – such as existing load-balancing solutions, Auto Scaling groups, and AWS Lambda – to reduce your application delivery and management costs. Eliminate tool sprawl and complexity with the only all-in-one solution for load balancing, reverse proxy, API gateway, web server, and content cache.

Use NGINX Plus as a:

  • Load balancer – Distribute traffic efficiently across backend servers for reliable, high‑performance application delivery
  • Reverse proxy – Pass, modify, and manage requests between clients and backend servers
  • API gateway – Handle request routing, authentication, rate limiting, and SSL/TLS offload, and deliver API responses in real time (under 30 milliseconds)
  • Web server – Deliver content like the majority of the busiest sites on the Internet, with high performance, low resource demands, and a small memory footprint

Build Production-Grade Containerized Deployments

Need a stable, secure solution for DevOps-friendly service delivery?

NGINX Ingress Controller is flexible, powerful, easy-to-use, and can be quickly deployed for advanced security, resilience, and scalability in your container environment. Ideal for all environments – from dev testing to production – it turns your AWS clusters into production-grade application delivery powerhouses. Achieve simplicity and speed using F5 DNS Cloud Services to load balance across your clusters.

Key features include:

  • Production-grade – Advanced app-centric configurations with visibility and performance monitoring
  • Security first – JWT authentication plus easy WAF integration with NGINX App Protect
  • Service mesh – Intelligent management of your ingress and egress application traffic with a single tool

Prevent Downtime and Security Breaches

Want to use the same WAF across all your environments – from on-prem to cloud to Kubernetes?

NGINX App Protect, our modern app-security solution built on F5’s market‑leading security expertise, can do just that. Our security-as-code design makes it easy to incorporate security into your agile and DevOps workflows. NGINX App Protect easily integrates with NGINX Plus and NGINX Ingress Controller to protect your apps from a range of threats including the OWASP Top 10 and beyond.

Unique capabilities:

  • NGINX integration – Strong security controls integrated seamlessly with NGINX Plus and NGINX Ingress Controller
  • Cost effective – Predictable pricing so your monthly bill isn’t a surprise
  • Fast and lightweight – Outperforms other WAFs for improved user experience

Increase Productivity with Automation

Trying to eliminate friction and reduce errors in delivering apps?

NGINX solutions can be incorporated seamlessly into DevOps workflows using APIs. Automation reduces manual errors and increases speed and efficiency. NGINX empowers DevOps teams to rapidly deploy load balancers, DNS, and security while allowing NetOps and SecOps teams to retain control over enterprise‑wide networking and security for business‑critical apps.

Unique capabilities include:

  • Programmability using APIs – Use APIs to drive configuration and management for NGINX Plus and NGINX Controller
  • Ansible Integration – Integrate NGINX seamlessly into your Ansible workflows using the certified NGINX Controller collection and NGINX Plus

Provide Developers with Self-Service

Trying to balance developer agility with a secure infrastructure?

With NGINX Controller, you don’t have to sacrifice control to gain speed. NetOps and SecOps teams can establish guardrails (not gates) by setting up preapproved parameters. Developers can then manage their services and apps running in AWS without impacting other teams, safely giving you the option to share infrastructure resources among teams without outages.

Unique capabilities include:

  • App-centricity – Unique application‑centric, rather than infrastructure‑centric, model aligns better with your business processes and workflows
  • RBAC – Role-based access control via both the GUI and API enables fine‑grained permissions management across teams
  • Infrastructure-agnostic – NGINX Controller can be deployed anywhere and manage your NGINX Plus instances in any cloud

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