Andrew Alexeev

Job title : Co-founder, Product Owner for NGINX Amplify
Company : NGINX, Inc.
Andrew Alexeev

Andrew Alexeev is a co-founder of NGINX Inc, and currently owns the Amplify project.
Prior to joining NGINX Inc, Andrew worked for service providers in telecom, and enterprise IT sectors.

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Monitoring MySQL with NGINX Amplify

NGINX Amplify now features MySQL support. Amplify monitors the entire LEMP stack, including variations: Linux, (E)NGINX, MySQL/MariaDB/Percona, PHP, and PHP frameworks such as WordPress. This blog post shows you how to configure the Amplify MySQL plug-in, metrics monitored, and troubleshooting.

Monitoring NGINX

Monitor NGINX with the stub_status module, log files, NGINX Amplify, the NGINX Plus API module and dashboard, third-party plug-ins, and more.

Setting Up NGINX Amplify in 10 Minutes

Learn how to set up NGINX Amplify to monitor NGINX and application performance, with customized dashboards, alerts, and configuration analysis.

Introducing Custom Dashboards in NGINX Amplify

With new custom dashboards in NGINX Amplify, you can define the source, type of aggregation, and filter to apply, to monitor NGINX even more effectively.

Announcing a Private Beta for NGINX Amplify

NGINX Amplify provides in-depth application performance monitoring of NGINX & NGINX Plus, plus configuration advice and alerts for better load balancing

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