Brian Gleason

Job title : Lead Network Engineer
Company : Gestalt IT
Brian Gleason

Brian Gleason works as a Senior Network Consultant in Austin, TX, after spending most of his career as a Lead Network Engineer. He has been in the IT industry, in various roles, for over 20 years, much of the time in the enterprise with experience in financial, biomedical, and high tech sectors.

Brian is currently pursuing the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Data Center certification, while strengthening his skills in network automation. He also teaches firearms in his spare time and is a husband to his wonderful wife of 20 years and father to 3 awesome kids.

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Network Engineering, APIs, and You

As a network engineer, there are everyday hurdles you face, from outages to design to performance problems. Now you must learn API, too? How do you start understanding the new world? Guest blogger and network engineer Brian Gleason provides guidance on how go about it.