Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Charles Pretzer

Job title : Technical Architect
Company : NGINX, Inc.
Charles Pretzer

Charles Pretzer has served as an architect and lead engineer for a wide range of companies, with a focus on high-volume online retailers. He is now Technical Architect at NGINX and is leading the launch of the Microservices Reference Architecture.

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Introducing the Microservices Reference Architecture Version 1.2

The NGINX Microservices Reference Architecture has been one of our most useful assets, showing how to use a scalable set of three models for progressively more complex and powerful microservices apps. Version 1.2 features greater integration with Kubernetes.

Using an API Gateway for Microservices

NGINX technical architect Charles Pretzer describes the advantages of using an API gateway and how it fits in your journey to microservices. He also reveals which microservices and service mesh architectures can use an API gateway-type approach, and which can't.