Faisal Memon

Job title : Product Marketing
Company : NGINX, Inc.
Faisal Memon
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NGINX: Basics and Best Practices

In this webinar we help you get started using NGINX, the de facto web server for building modern web applications. We cover best practices for installing, configuring, and troubleshooting both NGINX Open Source and the enterprise-grade NGINX Plus.

What's New in NGINX Plus R15?

In this webinar we discuss new features in NGINX Plus R15, which includes support for gRPC, HTTP/2 Server Push, enhanced clustering, & OpenID Connect SSO integration. Our biggest NGINX Plus release to date.

How to Easily and Cost Effectively Replace Cisco ACE

Cisco ACE end-of-life (eol) is less than a year away. The time to replace Cisco ACE is now. NGINX Plus is the only Cisco ACE alternative built on open source software to help you cut costs and modernize. This ebook provides step-by-step instructions to help you easily replace Cisco ACE with NGINX Plus.


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NGINX Controller Free Trial

NGINX Controller is a managed trial for qualified customers.