Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Faisal Memon

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Faisal Memon
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The mTLS Architecture in NGINX Service Mesh

Service-to-service communication among microservices puts more data on the wire compared to monoliths. Using mutual TLS (mTLS) to encrypt and authenticate that communication is crucial. Here we dive deep into the mTLS implementation in NGINX Service Mesh.

Virtual Patching with the NGINX JavaScript Module

This blog, based on a real customer use case, explains how to use the NGINX JavaScript module to apply a "virtual patch" for a problem in a backend application that can't be modified. In this case, the app couldn't process HTTP requests with lowercase method names.

What’s New in NGINX Plus R16?

NGINX Plus is often deployed in a cluster, and the new features in R16 help our customers working in a clustered environment. New features include global rate limiting, a cluster-aware key-value store, Random with Two Choices load-balancing algorithm, and more.

ModSecurity and NGINX: Tuning the OWASP Core Rule Set

Learn how to install the OWASP Core Rule Set (CRS) with NGINX and ModSecurity, as well as how to tune it. The CRS protects against many types of attack, including SQL Injection (SQLi), Local File Inclusion (LFI), and Remote Code Execution (RCE).

Introducing the Microservices Reference Architecture Version 1.2

The NGINX Microservices Reference Architecture has been one of our most useful assets, showing how to use a scalable set of three models for progressively more complex and powerful microservices apps. Version 1.2 features greater integration with Kubernetes.