Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Jenn Gile

Job title : Manager, Product Marketing for NGINX
Company : F5
Jenn Gile
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How to Choose a Service Mesh

NGINX Service Mesh is officially production-ready! NGINX Service Mesh is free, optimized for developers, and the lightest, easiest way to implement mTLS and end-to-end encryption in Kubernetes for both ingress-egress and and service-to-service traffic.

Unlock Business Growth with Microservices

Hear three expert perspectives on the benefits of modern app delivery and how you can avoid – or at least mitigate – many of the complexities. 

How to Improve Visibility in Kubernetes

To protect and evolve your Kubernetes infrastructure, you need more than visibility -- you need insight. The monitoring tools built into NGINX Ingress Controller and NGINX Service Mesh help you diagnose real-world problems like poor app performance and resource exhaustion.

Welcome to Microservices March!

Microservices March is a month-long virtual festival of microservices activities here at NGINX. Whether you’re already using Kubernetes in production or your interest is just blossoming, you’re sure to find sessions to pique your interest. Check out the schedule on our blog!

Reduce Complexity with Production-Grade Kubernetes

We explain how production-grade Kubernetes solves the challenges of deploying containerized microservices-based apps, which include culture, complexity, and security. In addition to a Kubernetes infrastructure you need a scalable Ingress controller, WAF, and service mesh.

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