Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Karthik Krishnaswamy

Job title : Director, Product Marketing for NGINX
Company : F5
Karthik Krishnaswamy
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How NGINX Plus Helps SolvIT Deliver High Performance in the Cloud

SolvIT is a global technology solutions provider that delivers best-in-class IT services. Join us for a discussion with Patrick Synor, Manager of Cloud Architecture at SolvIT, about how NGINX Plus helps SolvIT deliver high performance, reduce costs, and achieve high security.

Achieve Full API Lifecycle Management Using NGINX Controller

Learn how to manage the entire lifecycle of your APIs using NGINX Controller. This includes defining, publishing, securing, routing, monitoring, troubleshooting, and analyzing usage of your APIs to assess their value. Get an overview and demo of NGINX Controller’s API Management Module.

What Is API Management?

What is API management? It covers all the functions you perform on your APIs across their life cycle, including definition and publishing, securing and managing traffic, monitoring and troubleshooting to ensure customer satisfaction, and analyzing traffic to maximize business value.