Rick Nelson

Job title : Head of Sales Engineering
Company : NGINX, Inc.
Rick Nelson

Rick Nelson is the Manager of Pre-Sales, with over 30 years of experience in technical and leadership roles at a variety of technology companies, including Riverbed Technology. From virtualization to load balancing to accelerating application delivery, Rick brings deep technical expertise and a proven approach to maximizing customer success.

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Batching API Requests with NGINX Plus and the NGINX JavaScript Module

The NGINX JavaScript module released with NGINX Plus R15 supports subrequests, adding a whole new class of use cases for NGINX Plus. This complete example also uses the NGINX Plus API and Key-Value modules to convert client API requests to separate requests to the microservices APIs that make up an app.

Dynamic A/B Testing with NGINX Plus

The key-value store feature allows updates without a configuration reload. In this post we use the key-value stores API for A/B testing.

NGINX Plus as a Virtual Load Balancer

With NGINX Plus as your virtual load balancer, you have the flexibility to choose the operating system, hypervisor, and cloud platform that suits your needs


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