Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Sean Maritz

Job title : Technical Solutions Architect, ANZ
Company : NGINX
Sean Maritz

Sean Maritz is a Technical Solutions Architect for NGINX based in Sydney. Over the last 18 years he has supported the architecture and technical delivery of communication solutions for enterprise and government organizations across the Asia Pacific region. His extensive experience in unified communications, video streaming and content distribution across complex infrastructure and network designs complements the NGINX suite of solutions. Sean is driven by his passion to share knowledge and experience of NGINX’s capabilities and vision.

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NGINX as a Content Cache

Join this webinar to learn about NGINX as a content cache, one of our most popular use cases. We demonstrate several options for managing content that ensure your users’ experience is of the highest quality every time.

Using an API Gateway for Microservices – APAC

NGINX Technical Solutions Architect Sean Maritz describes the advantages of an API gateway and how it fits in your journey to microservices. He also reveals which microservices and service mesh architectures can make use of an API gateway, and which can't.