Say Hello to Global App Delivery via SaaS

Today’s DevOps teams need a fast, secure, cloud‑native way to make their apps and microservices highly available. The F5 DNS Cloud Services SaaS model reduces complexity so you can spend more time innovating. It enables DevOps teams to:

  • Radically optimize app delivery
  • Unlock a simpler, faster way to build in multi‑cloud redundancy and perform geolocation‑based routing with just a few clicks
  • Drop DNS Cloud Services into their CI/CD pipeline or take it a step further and automate everything using our APIs


Why F5 DNS Cloud Services?

Improve Application Resilience

Improve Application Resilience

Benefit from F5's 20 years of proven expertise delivering DNS global server load balancing (GSLB), now offered as SaaS

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Achieve High Availability in Seconds

Add DNS load balancing and secondary DNS to your NGINX infrastructure in just a few clicks

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Save Time and Money with Automation

Integrate DNS into your CI/CD pipeline with an easy, intuitive API interface

How Do We Help You?

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Extend NGINX Plus with Global Server Load Balancing

Are you looking to provide global resilience of NGINX Plus by deploying clusters across geographies and availability zones?

DNS Load Balancer Cloud Service is global server load balancing (GSLB) delivered as SaaS. Set up intelligent load balancing, geolocation‑based routing, health checks, and redundancy in just minutes. Built on a globally distributed anycast network, DNS Load Balancer ensures clients are directed to the nearest available NGINX Plus instance.

F5 Screenshot of Name-server Details.

Add Resilience to Your Existing DNS Infrastructure

Are you looking to set up a secondary DNS source for your primary or on‑premises DNS solution?

DNS Cloud Service is a SaaS‑based secondary DNS solution. You can provide high availability to your DNS environments with seamless failover to F5 cloud services. Setup is complete in seconds.

Migrate seamlessly to OpenShift Container Platform 4

Concerned about updating DNS records at scale after migration to OCP4?

Reduce complexity of your migration by automating DNS updates and application health checks using DNS Load Balancer Cloud Service. Minimize downtime and avoid risk by setting up a blue-green deployment in minutes.
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Automate DNS with Your CI/CD Pipeline

Need to empower DevOps by integrating automated DNS changes into your build and deployment processes?

F5 DNS Cloud Services are fully configurable with a REST‑based declarative API, providing seamless integration with your existing CI/CD toolsets. The F5 Cloud Services portal simplifies API call generation with an intuitive graphical interface that generates the JSON syntax for you.

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Get Elastic Scalability and Built‑In Security

Have dynamic applications that require DNS scaling and protection on demand?

DNS Cloud Services scale without manual intervention in response to large query volumes. To help maintain application availability, you also get dynamic security with automatic failover, built‑in DDoS protection, and transaction signature (TSIG) authentication.

F5 DNS Load Balancer Cloud Service Pricing

DNS Load Balancer Cloud Service pricing is based on three metrics:

  • Number of configurations
  • Number of queries per month
  • Number of health checks
MetricFree TierTier 1Tier 2
$0.00 for 1 config
$0.013 per hour per config
$0.013 per hour per config
Queries per month
$0.00 for up to 3 million
$0.50 per million for 3 million to 1 billion
$0.25 per million for 1 billion+
Health checks
$0.00 for up to 10 standard health checks per month
$0.73 per check for standard health checks
$2.19 per check for advanced health checks

F5 DNS Cloud Service Pricing

DNS Cloud Service pricing is based on two metrics:

  • Number of zones
  • Number of queries per month
MetricFree TierTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
$0.00 for 1 zone
$0.20 per zone per month for 2 to 25 zones
$0.10 per zone per month for 26 to 10,000 zones
$0.03 per zone per month for 10,000+ zones
Queries per month
$0.00 for up to 3 million
$0.40 per million for 3 million to 1 billion
$0.20 per million for 1 billion+
$0.20 per million for 1 billion+