Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

F5 DNS Load Balancer Cloud Service Eases OpenShift Migrations

F5 DNS Load Balancer Cloud Service is a key building block for migrating your Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) to the latest version. It provides the robust global DNS service you need to prevent downtime by ensuring application availability during the entire migration process.

At the conclusion of the migration process, F5 DNS Load Balancer Cloud Service provides the scale and agility required to expand your OCP deployments from one to multiple clusters and ensure multi‑site availability.

Benefits of this approach include:

  • Ensuring microservices application availability during and after the migration of OCP versions
  • Performing DNS migrations in minutes
  • Ensuring OpenShift route discovery and enabling a seamless migration experience using Ansible automation

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Diagram of F5 DNS Load Balancer Cloud Service Migrating Between Environments