NGINX Plus is the complete application delivery platform for the modern web

To best suit the unique needs of your application, NGINX Plus is available in three pricing models:

  • Open Source license with community support
  • Hundreds of millions of users
  • Ideal for non-production environments
  • Annual subscription for individual licenses
  • Choose your support level
  • Get up and running in minutes
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  • Volume pricing for 5+ instances
  • Developer Licenses available
  • Ideal for small clusters and high-availability
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  • Unlimited instances & full support
  • Ideal for quickly growing apps
  • Deploy with containers and microservices
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NGINX is available in three support levels:

Basic For non-critical NGINX deployments where longer response times are acceptable and hot fixes for production deployments are not required.

Professional For production deployment of NGINX and NGINX Plus, or wherever priority case handling is required.

Enterprise For mission-critical deployments of NGINX or NGINX Plus that require the top-most level of support with fastest response times and solutions across phone or web inquiries.

For complete descriptions, see our Support page.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is an “Instance”?

An instance is a single copy of the software running on a single physical or virtual server. Two copies of the software running on the same physical or virtual server counts as two instances, as do two copies of the software on two different physical or virtual servers. Most high-availability deployments require two instances per location, even if one instance is ‘passive’ (running but not receiving traffic).

How do I define a single application?

An application is defined as the software components and team that support a single URL (for example, or individually named desktop or mobile application (for example, Uber or Dropbox). Microservices-based and other distributed architectures are anticipated and embraced within the model.

What if I have multiple applications I want to support?

NGINX Plus is available through a Site License subscription, which provides unlimited access to NGINX Plus across an entire organization. We also offer NGINX Plus App Pricing for multiple applications. Contact us for details.

Are there any of the throughput or performance limitations that are common with alternative offerings?

No. All NGINX Plus subscriptions have no throughput limitations or other restrictions that limit application performance.