Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Getting Kubernetes into production is a top priority for many organizations. But the journey is hard and getting value can be even harder. We’ve observed that Kubernetes networking – a key component of production-grade Kubernetes – is frequently misunderstood or underappreciated. Without a solid Kubernetes networking strategy (and the right talent in place to execute it), the most likely outcomes are downtime, security breaches, and wasted money and effort. That’s why Microservices March 2022 focuses on Kubernetes networking. 

Four units progressively guide you through the essentials of Kubernetes networking: 

  • Unit 1 (March 7–11): Architecting Kubernetes Clusters for High-Traffic Websites 
  • Unit 2 (March 14–18): Exposing APIs in Kubernetes 
  • Unit 3 (March 21–25): Microservices Security Pattern 
  • Unit 4 (March 28–31): Advanced Kubernetes Deployment Strategies 

Each unit includes: · A YouTube livestream featuring experts from NGINX and learnk8s 

  • A collection of blogs, videos and ebooks to deepen your knowledge 
  • A hands-on, self-paced lab for experimenting with Kubernetes technologies 
  • Access to the NGINX experts via our Slack community