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NGINX Ingress Controller for Kubernetes

The NGINX Ingress Controller for Kubernetes ensures that applications in your Kubernetes cluster are delivered reliably, securely, and at high velocity.

NGINX Plus for Telcos

Using modern software and cloud-focused approaches to building new services can accelerate time-to-market for telcos while keeping costs low.

NGINX Plus for Retail

For online retailers, every second counts. Online retailers should be aware of these three facts that impact their uptime and revenue.

Microservices Quick Start Training

Five days of on-site training led by industry veterans. Topics will cover the best path to building and deploying scalable microservices, along with hands-on labs.

AWS Acceleration Professional Services

Within AWS NGINX Professional Services will set up NGINX Plus and Amazon Web Services (AWS) components such as Route53, CloudFront, and CloudWatch.

Serving Media with NGINX Plus

NGINX Plus provides a powerful solution for most streaming media needs, utilizing the famous performance and reliability of source NGINX Open Source.

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