Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus
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High-Performance Web Application Firewall Testing

In this GigaOm report, discover which WAFs deliver strong app and API security while maintaining high performance and low latency, in a comparison of test results of four popular WAFs: NGINX App Protect WAF, AWS WAF, Azure WAF and Cloudflare WAF.

Get Me to the Cluster

Learn how to easily and reliably expose services in your on-premises Kubernetes environment to external clients with NGINX Ingress Controller, NGINX Plus reverse proxy, and BGP.

Shifting Left for Application Security

In this report from O’Reilly Media and NGINX, learn how your organization can embed security by design throughout the entire SDLC by shifting left and move towards a DevSecOps culture.

The Secret to Modern Application Security

Learn how to keep your business agile through a microservices architecture combined with NGINX App Protect WAF, integrating early security policy automation into your DevOps process to rapidly design, secure, and deploy applications and APIs at scale.

Speed vs. Security

Learn why your organization should consider integrating security early into the software development lifecycle to keep your applications and APIs agile and secure.

Deploying NGINX as an API Gateway

Updated for 2022, this free eBook explains how to leverage NGINX as an API gateway. It shows you, step-by-step, how to set up, configure, and secure an API gateway for routing both HTTP-based and gRPC APIs.


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