Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

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In this Report you will learn:

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    Why cloud adoption alone still misses the mark, and how to resolve this

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    About future possibilities of open sourcing

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    How data quality remains a big obstacle in moving to the cloud

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    Why outsourcing cloud management is the right move

About the Report

Using cloud for business can create major advantages, from being able to scale IT resources on demand to launching new business models quickly. These advantages have made the cloud the go‑to platform for adopting digital services in almost all organizations.

Produced for NGINX by Raconteur and originally distributed in The Times newspaper in the United Kingdom, Cloud for Business provides invaluable insight for IT decision makers who wish to lead change for their enterprise in the age of digital transformation.

About the Authors

Raconteur is a leading, independent publisher of special‑interest content for forward‑thinking executives in the areas of business, technology, and finance. Raconteur produces reports for business leaders utilizing industry research and in‑depth analysis.

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