Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

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In this Ebook you will learn:

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    Why Infrastructure as Code improves consistency and reliability

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    How Infrastructure as Code supports and enables digital transformation

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    What a solid application infrastructure looks like

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    How to adopt Infrastructure as Code at your company

About the Ebook

Application development has undergone drastic changes in the past few years, driven by the demand for ever‑increasing performance, scale, and resiliency. Gone are the days of single or multi‑server deployment models that require significant physical labor and endless hours of routine drudgery. Today, applications are increasingly deployed on clusters of dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of containers and virtual machines in the cloud.

This new approach to infrastructure management has given birth to “Infrastructure as Code” – an infrastructure management paradigm where servers, networks, firewalls, and services are abstracted to software and data. Based on software development best practices, Infrastructure as Code makes deployment and infrastructure management more efficient than ever using tools like version control systems, and automated testing libraries. Now, not only can development teams write application code, they can also configure the infrastructure their code runs on.

About the Authors

Kief Morris

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Kief Morris

Author of Infrastructure as Code ThoughtWorks

Kief Morris has been designing, building, and running automated IT server infrastructure for nearly twenty years, having started out with shell scripts and Perl, moving on to CFengine, Puppet, Chef, and Ansible among other technologies as they’ve emerged. He is the head of ThoughtWorks’ European practice for Continuous Delivery and DevOps, helping clients find more effective ways of building and managing infrastructure operations.

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