Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

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In this Ebook you will learn:

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    About automating deployment of PHP applications into production

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    How to custom‑tune PHP applications to maximize performance

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    Strategies for provisioning PHP applications with NGINX to reduce resource consumption

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    How to test and QA PHP applications using a variety of different methods

About the Ebook

Currently used by more than 80% of websites, PHP is experiencing a renaissance. You might find it hard to tell, however, given all of the outdated PHP tutorials online. Author Josh Lockhart wrote Modern PHP to give today’s PHP developers a desperately needed go‑to resource. This excerpt contains the entire third part of the ebook and covers the issues you’ll encounter as you move your PHP application into production.

About the Authors

Josh Lockhart

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Josh Lockhart

Senior Developer New Media Campaigns

Josh Lockhart is the creator of the Slim Framework for PHP. He also created and maintains PHP The Right Way, a popular initiative in the PHP community to encourage best practices and provide quality information. Josh is a senior developer at New Media Campaigns, a full service web design, development, and marketing agency in Carrboro, North Carolina.

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