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In this Ebook you will learn:

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    Install NGINX Unit using source code, Red Hat and Debian package managers, or third-party repositories, and configure the server using application, router, and listener objects.

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    Explore NGINX Unit usage and operations, including application restart and upgrades.

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    Learn how the server provides security through application isolation, Unix user permissions, and API encryption.

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    Integrate NGINX Unit with the WordPress content management system and the Django and Express.js web application frameworks.

About the Ebook

In addition to its popular web server, NGINX now provides a dynamic application server that supports a RESTful JSON API. The open source NGINX Unit server deploys configuration changes without service disruptions and runs apps written in multiple languages and frameworks. With this handy cookbook, developers, DevOps personnel, network admins, and cloud infrastructure pros will learn how to quickly get started with this new server.

Hands-on recipes demonstrate NGINX Unit’s new approach and describe how to deploy and configure the server for different applications. You’ll learn how the comprehensive RESTful API simplifies configuration, how to run applications written in different languages on the same server, and how to use NGINX Unit as the foundation for your service mesh.

About the Authors

Derek DeJonghe

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Derek DeJonghe

Director of Architecture RightBrain Networks

Derek DeJonghe has had a lifelong passion for technology. His in-depth background and experience in web development, system administration, and networking give him a well-rounded understanding of modern web architecture. Leading a team of cloud architects and solution engineers, to producing self-healing, auto scaling infrastructure for numerous different applications, Derek specializes in cloud migrations and operations of all sizes. While designing, building, and maintaining highly available applications for clients, Derek often engages in an embedded consulting role for larger organizations as they embark on their journey to the cloud. Derek and his team are on the forefront of a technology tidal wave and are engineering cloud best practices every day. With a proven track record for resilient cloud architecture, Derek helps RightBrainNetworks be one of the strongest cloud consulting agencies and managed service providers in partnership with AWS today.

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