Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

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In this Ebook you will learn:

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    How microservices function as “small, autonomous services that work together”

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    The pros and cons of different integration approaches

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    How to make your app resilient in the face of overwhelming demand or network outages

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    The benefits of caching

About the Ebook

Microservices architecture is emerging as the new standard for building applications. This approach to software design breaks complex applications into small, nimble, independent components to speed up time to market, simplify maintenance, and enable continuous integration.

Learn in this new eBook how to adopt this new approach and optimize your applications and development processes.

About the Authors

Sam Newman

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Sam Newman

Technologist Thoughtworks

As a technologist at ThoughtWorks, Sam Newman split his time between encouraging and sharing innovation globally and helping companies design and build their internal systems. He has worked with a variety of companies in multiple domains around the world, often with one foot in the developer world and the other in the IT operations space. If you asked him what he does, he’d say ‘I work with people to build better software systems’. He has written articles, presented at conferences, and sporadically commits to open source projects. He is the author of Building Microservices: Designing Fine‑Grained Systems, published by O’Reilly Media.

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