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Replacing and Augmenting F5 BIG-IP with NGINX Plus

The way we build applications has changed significantly since 1996, when F5 BIG-IP was released. Organizations that use F5 BIG-IP complain of high cost and lack of agility. In this whitepaper we cover why and how to replace your F5 BIG-IP with NGINX Plus for cost savings and increased agility.

MemberCentral Replaces Hardware Load Balancers with NGINX Plus

MemberCentral's hardware load balancers were not able to reliably deliver the hundreds of sites they host. Upgrading the SSL certificate for one site caused outages on all other hosted sites. Fed up with this instability, MemberCentral put the open source NGINX software in front of the hardware load balancers to terminate SSL connections. The stability issues disappeared almost instantly. Impressed with the functionality of NGINX, MemberCentral then upgraded to NGINX Plus for exclusive features such as health checks, and were able to completely eliminate their hardware load balancers.


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