Customer Spotlight: Warpwire Delivers Secure Video and Enables Microservices with NGINX Plus

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Warpwire offers its customers a secure video streaming solution based on NGINX Plus. Warpwire started off using the open source NGINX software, the world’s most popular open source web server for high-traffic websites, as a reverse proxy and for core app delivery. Their experience with NGINX was so positive that NGINX Plus was the natural choice when the Warpwire team started developing their streaming media offering.

In this webinar, Monte Evans, Warpwire’s CTO, dives into the technical details of Warpwire’s selection and deployment of NGINX Plus:

  • Why NGINX Plus beat out other possible solutions
  • How Warpwire deploys NGINX and NGINX Plus in a microservices environment
  • How Warpwire builds on the streaming-media delivery capabilities in NGINX Plus
  • Tips and tricks for smooth and easy deployment and integration
  • Performance benefits

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Monte Evans


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