Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

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Recorded on October 2020

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Join this webinar to learn:

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    How NGINX App Protect outperformed ModSecurity and AWS WAF at all tested attack rates

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    How GigaOm conducted the testing

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    The key differentiators between ModSecurity, AWS WAF, and NGINX App Protect

About the Webinar

Performance is a key criterion when choosing a web application firewall (WAF). Join GigaOm analyst, Jake Dolezal, as he presents the results of performance testing on three WAFs: NGINX App Protect, ModSecurity on NGINX, and AWS WAF, a fully managed security offering.

The results of GigaOm’s testing, also available in the High-Performance Application Security Testing report, show that NGINX App Protect performed better than both ModSecurity and the AWS WAF. Jake details the complete methodology used in the testing, so you can adapt it to test your own workloads and requirements.


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