What’s New in NGINX Plus R12?

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NGINX Plus Release 12 (R12) is a significant release of the high-performance software application delivery platform, including award-winning customer support, a load balancer, content cache, and web server.

R12 adds improved configuration sharing, additional monitoring statistics, enhanced caching, improved health checks, and the general availability (GA) release of nginScript, which increases dynamic configuration capabilities for NGINX and NGINX Plus.

Join Owen Garrett, Head of Product for NGINX and NGINX Plus, to learn:

  • How to use a new and improved method for synchronizing configuration across a cluster of servers
  • What new features have been added to nginScript, the unique JavaScript implementation for NGINX and NGINX Plus
  • Which new statistics have been added to NGINX Plus monitoring, such as response time for upstream servers, response codes for TCP/UDP upstreams, and upstream hostnames
  • How improved health checks can help you maximize server uptime

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