NGINX 3rd Party Modules

Module Description Repository
Accept Language Module Accept-Language header parser giom/nginx_accept_language_module
AFCGI Asynchronous/multiplexing FastCGI for NGINX rsms/afcgi
Akamai G2O Restricts access to content to Akamai edge servers using G2O headers kaltura/nginx_mod_akamai_g2o
Array Var Add support for array variables to NGINX config files openresty/array-var-nginx-module
Audio Track for HTTP Live Streaming Generate audio track for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) streams on the fly flavioribeiro/nginx-audio-track-for-hls-module
HTTP Digest Authentication HTTP Digest Authentication atomx/nginx-http-auth-digest
PAM Authentication HTTP Basic Authentication using PAM sto/ngx_http_auth_pam_module
Request Authentication Allows authorization based on subrequest result ngx_http_auth_request_module
Auto Lib Reuse pre-compiled/installed versions of OpenSSL, PCRE and Zlib simpl/ngx_auto_lib
AWS Auth Generate security headers for GET requests to Amazon S3 anomalizer/ngx_aws_auth
Backtrace A NGINX module to dump backtrace case a worker process exits abnormally alibaba/nginx-backtrace
Brotli Serves dynamically or statically compressed responses with brotli google/ngx_brotli
Cache Purge Adds ability to purge content from FastCGI, proxy, and uWSGI caches FRiCKLE/ngx_cache_purge
Circle Gif Generates simple circle images with colors/size specified in the URL evanmiller/nginx_circle_gif
Clojure A module for embedding Clojure, Java, and Groovy programs nginx-clojure/nginx-clojure
Concat Concatenates files in a given context alibaba/nginx-http-concat
Upstream Consistent Hash Select backend based on Consistent hash ring replay/ngx_http_consistent_hash
Development Kit An extension to the core functionality of NGINX simpl/ngx_devel_kit
Upstream Domain Resolve An asynchronous domain name resolve module for NGINX upstream wdaike/ngx_upstream_jdomain/
HTTP Drizzle Make NGINX talk directly to MySQL or Drizzle database servers openresty/drizzle-nginx-module
Dynamic etags NGINX module for etags on dynamic content kali/nginx-dynamic-etags
Dynamic Upstream Update upstreams’ config by restful interface yzprofile/ngx_http_dyups_module
HTTP Echo Provides familiar shell-style commands to NGINX HTTP servers openresty/echo-nginx-module
Stream Echo Provides familiar shell-style commands to NGINX stream servers openresty/stream-echo-nginx-module
Encrypted Session Encrypt NGINX variables for light-weight session-based authentication openresty/encrypted-session-nginx-module
Enhanced Memcached Repackaging of the standard memcached module to add features bpaquet/ngx_http_enhanced_memcached_module
Eval A module for evaluating memcached or proxy response into variable vkholodkov/nginx-eval-module
Eval (OpenResty’s fork) Captures arbitrary subrequests’ responses into custom NGINX variables openresty/nginx-eval-module
Execute Commands remotely and return results limithit/NginxExecute
EY Balancer Provides a request queue for limiting concurrent requests ezmobius/nginx-ey-balancer
Upstream Fair Balancer Distributes incoming requests to least-busy servers gnosek/nginx-upstream-fair
Fancy Index Like the built-in autoindex module, but fancier aperezdc/ngx-fancyindex
Foot Filter Implements a body filter that adds a given string to the page footer alibaba/nginx-http-footer-filter
Footer If Filter Applies a footer if a response meets a specified condition flygoast/ngx_http_footer_if_filter/
Form Input Parses HTTP POST request bodies and saves results to NGINX variables calio/form-input-nginx-module
GeoIP2 City and country code lookups via the MaxMind GeoIP2 API leev/ngx_http_geoip2_module
GridFS NGINX module for serving files from MongoDB’s GridFS mdirolf/nginx-gridfs
Groovy A module for embedding Clojure, Java, and Groovy programs nginx-clojure/nginx-clojure
Headers More Set and clear input and output headers... more than “add”! openresty/headers-more-nginx-module
HTTP Healthcheck Health check HTTP servers inside an upstream cep21/healthcheck_nginx_upstreams
HTTP Accounting Realtime netflow and status code monitoring Lax/ngx_http_accounting_module
HTTP Iconv Converts character encodings calio/iconv-nginx-module
Internal Redirect A NGINX module for internal redirection flygoast/ngx_http_internal_redirect/
IP2Location Identifies the country name/code of an IP address chrislim2888/ip2location-nginx
Java A module for embedding Clojure, Java, and Groovy programs nginx-clojure/nginx-clojure
JavaScript Embedding SpiderMonkey, a full port of Perl module, and more peter-leonov/ngx_http_js_module#readme
Upstream Ketama CHash Provides upstream load distribution by hashing a configurable variable flygoast/ngx_http_upstream_ketama_chash/releases/
Limit Upload Rate Limit the transmission rate of request body from a client cfsego/limit_upload_rate
Limit Upstream Connection Limits the maximum connections to each server in a upstream cfsego/nginx-limit-upstream/
Log If Log the requests only when given conditions are met cfsego/ngx_log_if/
Log ZMQ Log the requests via ZeroMQ alticelabs/nginx-log-zmq
Lower Upper Case Provides upper/lowercase string functions in NGINX config files replay/ngx_http_lower_upper_case
HTTP Lua Embed the power of Lua into NGINX HTTP servers (OpenResty Official) openresty/lua-nginx-module
Stream Lua Embed the power of Lua into NGINX TCP servers (OpenResty Official) openresty/stream-lua-nginx-module
Luafile Embed the power of Lua into NGINX alacner/nginx_lua_module
HTTP Lua Upstream Make Nginx http upstream configurations scriptable by Lua openresty/lua-upstream-nginx-module
MD5 Filter Returns the MD5 sum of content that would’ve otherwise been served kainswor/nginx_md5_filter
HTTP Memc Extension of the standard memcached module openresty/memc-nginx-module
ModSecurity Web application firewall spiderlabs/modsecurity/
Mogilefs Implements a MogileFS client Download
Mongo Upstream module for direct communication with MongoDB simpl/ngx_mongo
MP4 Streaming Lite Seeks time within H.264/MP4 files if a “start” parameter is in the URL Download
Nchan Pubsub server for Websockets, Long-Poll, EventSource etc. slact/nchan
Naxsi Web Application Firewall for NGINX nbs-system/naxsi
nginx-ip-blocker An efficient shared memory IP blocking system for nginx. tmthrgd/nginx-ip-blocker
Notice Serve static file to POST requests kr/nginx-notice
OCSP proxy OCSP processing module designed for response caching kyprizel/nginx_ocsp_proxy-module
OpenSSL Version OpenSSL minimum version constraints in configuration apcera/nginx-openssl-version
Owner Match Provides a simple file owner-based access control Download
PageSpeed Rewrites webpages and associated assets to reduce latency and bandwidth pagespeed/ngx_pagespeed
PHP Embedded php script language for nginx-module rryqszq4/ngx_php
PHP Session Parser Extract values that are stored in a serialized PHP session replay/ngx_http_php_session
PHP-Memache Standard Hash Load balancer that imitates the PHP-Memcache standard hash’s behaviour replay/ngx_http_php_memcache_standard_balancer
POST authentication Authentication and authorization via POST request and PAM veruu/ngx_form_auth
Postgres Allows NGINX to communicate directly with PostgreSQL database Download
Pubcookie Adds Pubcookie-based cross-site authentication method to NGINX ivandeex/pubcookie
HTTP Push Stream Turns NGINX into an adept stream HTTP Push server wandenberg/nginx-push-stream-module
HTTP rDNS Makes a reverse DNS lookup and provides control of incoming hostname flant/nginx-http-rdns
RDS CSV Helps ngx_drizzle, ngx_postgres, and others emit Comma-Separated Values openresty/rds-csv-nginx-module
RDS JSON Helps ngx_drizzle, ngx_postgres, and others emit JSON data openresty/rds-json-nginx-module
HTTP Redis Redis support module Download
HTTP Redis2 HTTP Upstream module for the full Redis 2.0 protocol openresty/redis2-nginx-module
HTTP Tarantool HTTP Upstream module for communicate with Tarantool DB tarantool/nginx_upstream_module
Replace Filter Performs regular expression substitutions on response bodies openresty/replace-filter-nginx-module
Roboo HTTP Robot Mitigator that integrates easily with NGINX yuri-gushin/Roboo/downloads
RRD Graph This module provides an HTTP interface to RRDtool’s graphing facilities evanmiller/mod_rrd_graph
RTMP RTMP protocol support. Live streaming and video on demand arut/nginx-rtmp-module
RTMPT module Proxy RTMP packages using stadard HTTP requests kwojtek/nginx-rtmpt-proxy-module
Sass Compiles SASS files in NGINX before sending the response mneudert/sass-nginx-module
Secure Download Create expiring links replay/ngx_http_secure_download
Selective Cache Purge A cache purge module that allows GLOB expressions like .jpg or /test wandenberg/nginx-selective-cache-purge-module
Set CConv Conversion between Simplified and Traditional Chinese at rewrite phase liseen/set-cconv-nginx-module
Set Hash Set a variable to hash functions, including MD5, SHA1 and Murmurhash 2 simpl/ngx_http_set_hash
Set Lang Set a variable to indicate the language based on a variety of sources simpl/ngx_http_set_lang/downloads
HTTP Set Misc Various set_xxx directives added to NGINX’s rewrite module openresty/set-misc-nginx-module
sFlow Operational performance monitoring with standard sFlow protocol Download
Shibboleth Auth Perform authorization based on subrequest to Shibboleth FastCGI app nginx-shib/nginx-http-shibboleth
Slice NGINX module for serving a file in slices (reverse byte-range) alibaba/nginx-http-slice
SlowFS Cache Adds ability to cache static files Download
SmallLight Dynamic Image Transformation Module For NGINX cubicdaiya/ngx_small_light
SOCKS SOCKS5 proxy module for NGINX dannote/socks-nginx-module
Sorted Querystring Expose a variable with the parameters ordered to be used as a cache_key wandenberg/nginx-sorted-querystring-module
Sphinx NGINX upstream module for Sphinx 2.x reeteshranjan/sphinx2-nginx-module
SPNEGO Support for SPNEGO/gssapi in NGINX stnoonan/spnego-http-auth-nginx-module
HTTP SRCache Transparent subrequest-based caching layout for NGINX locations openresty/srcache-nginx-module
SSSD info Retrieves and exposes additional user attributes from SSSD veruu/ngx_sssd_info
Static etags Generates etags for static content mikewest/nginx-static-etags
Statsd Adds the ability for NGINX to interacting with Statsd zebrafishlabs/nginx-statsd
Sticky upstream Adds an upstream server persistance using cookies nginx-goodies/nginx-sticky-module-ng/get/master.tar.gz
STS A stream traffic status module vozlt/nginx-module-sts
Subrange Split one big HTTP/Range request to multiple subrange requesets Qihoo360/ngx_http_subrange_module
Substitutions Performs regular expression and string substitutions on response bodies yaoweibin/ngx_http_substitutions_filter_module
Summarizer An upstream module for Summarizer 1.0 reeteshranjan/summarizer-nginx-module
Supervisord Communicate with supervisord and manage backends on-demand Download
Sync Upstreams Syncing upstreams from etcd or consul, needn’t reload nginx(HTTP Module) weibocom/nginx-upsync-module
Sync Upstreams Syncing upstreams from etcd or consul, needn’t reload nginx(TCP Module) xiaokai-wang/nginx-stream-upsync-module
SysGuard A module to protect the system against too high load vozlt/nginx-module-sysguard
TCP Proxy TCP proxy with NGINX, includes health check and status monitor yaoweibin/nginx_tcp_proxy_module
TestCookie module Simple robot (DDoS) mitigation module kyprizel/testcookie-nginx-module
Types Filter Changes the Content-Type output header on specified conditions flygoast/ngx_http_types_filter
UnZip serve file directly from the archives youzee/nginx-unzip-module
Upload Handles file uploads using multipart/form-data encoding (RFC 1867) vkholodkov/nginx-upload-module
NGINX Upload Progress Module Tracks and reports upload progress masterzen/nginx-upload-progress-module
Url A module to convert uri to user-defined encoding vozlt/nginx-module-url
User Agent A more powerful module than the native BrowserModule alibaba/nginx-http-user-agent
Video Thumb Extractor NGINX module to extract thumbs from a video file wandenberg/nginx-video-thumbextractor-module
VOD Repackage MP4 files for streaming in HLS, HDS, MSS and DASH kaltura/nginx-vod-module
VTS A virtual host and upstream traffic status module vozlt/nginx-module-vts
XSS Native support for cross-site scripting (XSS) openresty/xss-nginx-module
Zip Assemble ZIP archives on the fly evanmiller/mod_zip